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Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial pag. 1
Arnulf Christl
Academic track
LIMEWISE: A deterministic line-based interpolation methodology for a realistic multimodal accessibility representation pag. 7
Patrick Palmier
Dorning and Ross K. Meentemeyer. The integration of land change modeling framework FUTURES into GRASS GIS 7 pag. 21
Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, Douglas A. Shoemaker, Monica A
Evaluation of wind, solar and hydro energy potential using GRASS pag. 25
Giulia Garegnani, Pietro Zambelli, Gianluca Grilli and Daniele Vettorato
A new open source DSS for assessment and planning of renewable energy: pag. 39
Giulia Garegnani, Francesco Geri, Pietro Zambelli, Gianluca Grilli, Sandro Sacchelli, Alessandro Paletto, Giorgio Curetti, Marco Ciolli and Daniele Vettorato
The economic value of nature pag. 51
Leon van der Meulen, Bob Droge and Govert Schoof
Open Web Services: new tools for Medievalist Historians to manage and share their research work pag. 55
Daniela Carrion, Federica Migliaccio, Guido Minini and Cynthia Zambrano
Teaching R as a GIS: problems, solutions and lessons learned pag. 67
Robin Lovelace and Rachel Oldroyd
GIS-based multivariate statistical analysis for landslide susceptibility zoning: a first validation on different areas of Liguria region (Italy) pag. 73
Roberto Marzocchi, Agnese Rovegno, Bianca Federici, Rossella Bovolenta and Riccardo Berardi
Effective tools for supporting energetic policies: 3d urban models generation and analysis models supporting energetic policies pag. 85
Filiberto Chiabrando, Chiara Danna, Andrea Lingua, Francesca Noardo and Anna Osello
Promoting slow tourism through FOSS4G Web Mapping: an Italian-Swiss case study pag. 99
Milan Antonovic, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Massimiliano Cannata, Mirko Cardoso, Candan Eylül Kilsedar, Marco Minghini and Giorgio Zamboni
Reproducible computing with Tzar and Docker pag. 105
Lucy Bastin, Javier Martinez-Lopez, Ascelin Gordon, Bill Langford and River Satya
GIS of Traditional Folk Culture pag. 113
Jiri Kozel, Pavel Bohumel, Petr Kovacs and Andrea Kynova
Towards a decision support system for environmental emergencies management in poor settlements in the Kathmandu Valley (Nepal). pag. 121
Marta Giambelli, Alfonso Vitti and Marco Bezzi
Alpinescapes: making the Alpine fringes visible trough OpenData and Crowdsourced Cartography pag. 133
Michele Ferretti, Daniele Villa and Paolo Tagliolato
Operation-based revision control for geospatial data sets pag. 139
Máté Cserép and Roberto Giachetta
Land cover validation game pag. 153
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Irene Celino, Monia Elisa Molinari and Vijaycharan Venkatachalam
FOSS4G-based energy management system for planning virtual power plants at the municipal scale pag. 159
Luis Ramirez Camargo, Roland Zink and Wolfgang Dorner
Library track
Sharing geodata through university libraries: the case of Politecnico di Milano pag. 165
Ilaria Muratori and Marcella Samakovlija
Translating urban history, research and sources, into interactive digital libraries pag. 175
Rosa Tamborrino and Fulvio Rinaudo
Acquisition of audiovisual Scientific Technical Information from OSGeo by TIB Hannover: A work in progress report pag. 185
Peter Loewe, Margret Plank and Paloma Marín-Arraiza
An open-HGIS project for the city of Parma: database structure and map registration pag. 189
Nazarena Bruno, Giorgia Bianchi, Andrea Zerbi and Riccardo Roncella
Open data track
Meteorological and Aviation Weather Open Data implementation utilising Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards pag. 205
Roope Tervo, Mikko Visa, Tero Koivunen, Jukka A. Pakarinen and Tarja Riihisaari
Towards a Virtual Hub for a wider Open Data community pag. 213
Mattia Previtali, Luigi Barazzetti, Raffaella Brumana and Branka Cuca
Development of the open cadastre of protected areas in Ukraine pag. 225
Daria Svidzinska, Oleksij Vasyliuk, Oleg Seliverstov, Daria Shyriaieva, Anton Biatov, Dmytro Diadin, Alevtyna Ponomarova, Oleh Sklyar, Svitlana Vinokurova, Ievgeniia Luchnykova and Alexander Kleshnin
How is Prague opening geospatial data pag. 233
Jachym Cepicky
A FOSS4G-based procedure to compare OpenStreetMap and authoritative road network datasets pag. 235
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Marco Minghini, Monia Elisa Molinari and Peter Mooney - The digital aerial photo archive pag. 239
Péter Braunmüller, Krisztián Takács and Csaba Sandor
Improving environmental monitoring against the risk from uncontrolled abandonment of waste containing asbestos. The DroMEP project. pag. 243
Carmine Massarelli, Maria Rita Muolo, Vito Felice Uricchio, Nicola Dongiovanni and Ruggero Palumbo
Towards Open Big Geospatial Data for pag. 247
Angelos Tzotsos, Michail Alexakis, Spiros Athanasiou and Yiannis Kouvaras
Finding spatial open data via web: a SWOT analysis pag. 259
Marco Piragnolo, Francesca Fissore, Alberto Guarnieri, Antonio Vettore and Francesco Pirotti
A Data Scientist Exploration in the World of Heterogeneous Open Geospatial Data pag. 267
Gloria Re Calegari and Irene Celino
Open Data integration in context of Smart-Communities: a company's perspective pag. 281
Consuelo Marini, Roberto Metelli and Francesco Pirotti
IMAGO.gIS: an open solution to improve the fruition of public administration data pag. 287
Oscar Campolmi, Gianluca Giori and Michele Beretta
Roadmap to open geodata in Romania pag. 295
Codrina Maria Ilie and Nadia H. Panchaud
Open Community Data & Official Public Data in flood risk management: a comparison based on InaSAFE pag. 307
Riccardo Pasi, Cristian Consonni and Maurizio Napolitano
What is the Value of Open Data pag. 323
Hans Gregers Petersen
Positioning track
Privacy in positioning - a review pag. 327
Scott Cadzow
Applying Archaeological and Forensic Science methods and experience to outdoor and indoor mapping pag. 335
Alexander Cadzow and Scott Cadzow
Contextual processing for pedestrian tracking in GPS-denied environments pag. 343
Enrico de Marinis, Fabio Andreucci, Fabrizio Pucci and Michele Uliana
Geotagging Software for media content based on EGNOS/GPS Location Based Service (LBS) pag. 353
Angelos Anagnostopoulos, Anastasios Trypitsidis, Marc Bonazountas, Despina Kallidromitou and Nikolaos K. Papadakis
Open source web tool for tracking in a low cost mobile mapping system pag. 363
Francesca Fissore, Andrea Masiero, Marco Piragnolo, Alberto Guarnieri, Antonio Vettore and Francesco Pirotti
Cohesive Routing Service for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation pag. 367
Tao Feng, Joran Jessurun and Theo Arentze
Network real-time kinematic GNSS positioning with tablets: the new frontier of the open source positioning and mapping pag. 371
Paolo Dabove and Ambrogio Maria Manzino
Geodetic monitoring experiment by low-cost GNSS receivers and goGPS positioning engine pag. 377
Stefano Caldera, Eugenio Realini and Daisuke Yoshida
Extending goGPS for Snapshot Positioning pag. 383
Emanuele Ziglioli and Eugenio Realini
GuideMe: an outdoor/indoor navigation app based on the i-locate open toolkit pag. 395
Daniele Miorandi and Daniele Miorandi
A Novel, User-Friendly Indoor Mapping Approach for OpenStreetMap pag. 401
Thomas Graichen, Sven Quinger, Ulrich Heinkel and Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak
Software Defined Receivers in GNSS scientific applications: variometric approach to exploit GNSS-SDR phase observations pag. 405
Mara Branzanti, Javier Arribas, Carles Fernandez and Mattia Crespi
The MEP project: Map for Easy Paths pag. 417
Ludovico Biagi, Sara Comai,Florin Catalin Grec, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Matteo Matteucci, Marco Negretti, Secil Ugur Yavuz and Maria Grazia Visconti
The first online portal for authoring of indoor mapping data and indoor graphs as IndoorGML standard pag. 421
Catalin Popa, Lucian Brancovean and Pietro Elisei
i-locate - Indoor/outdoor LOCation and Asset management Through open gEodata pag. 425
Stefano Piffer, Nicola Dorigatti and Giuseppe Conti
Indoor location and sensor technology to improve quality of life and independency of elderly people pag. 429
Leonardo Plotegher and Giuseppe Conti
Local monitoring by low cost devices and free and open sources softwares pag. 431
Ludovico Biagi, Florin Catalin Grec, Maria Grazia Visconti and Marco Negretti
Water track
ADO: a prototype of African Drought Observatory for drought monitoring and forecasting pag. 437
Luana Valentini, Paulo Barbosa and Diego Magni
Cloud computing application for water resources based on open source software and open standards - a prototype pag. 449
Blagoj Delipetrev and Dimitri Solomatine
Definition of hydrogeological tectonic blocks into Guarani/Serra Geral Integrated Aquifer System using QGIS pag. 455
Leônidas Luiz Volcato Descovi Filho, Arthur Schmidt Nanni and Luiz Fernando Scheibe
SITGAP2, a decision support system for floods management based on open source and open standards pag. 459
Massimiliano Cannata and Milan Antonovic
Information richness and reach in hydrological web applications pag. 463
Arjen Vrielink
Disaster Risk Managment: Urban Flooding and heatstress pag. 467
Leon van der Meulen, Mark Verlaat, Floris Boogaard, Govert Schoof and Jeroek Kluck
A FOSS approach to Integrated Water Resource Management: the case study of Red-Thai Binh rivers system pag. 471
Carolina Arias Muñoz, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Simone Corti, Marco Micotti, Enrico Weber and Rodolfo Soncini Sessa
GRASS GIS processing to detect thermal anomalies with TABI sensor pag. 477
Carmine Massarelli, Raffaella Matarrese, Vito Felice Uricchio and Michele Vurro
FloodRisk: a QGIS plugin for flood consequences estimation pag. 483
Leonardo Mancusi, Raffaele Albano and Aurelia Sole
Looking through the changes: an analysis of the buried watercourses of Como pag. 497
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Candan Eylül Kilsedar, Marco Minghini and Daniele Oxoli
The r.inund.fluv tool for flood-prone areas evaluation in GRASS GIS: application to the terminal reach of Magra River pag. 501
Ilaria Ferrando, Bianca Federici, Domenico Sguerso and Roberto Marzocchi
RUSLE model application with GRASS GIS: Rio Centonara catchment pag. 509
Elena Mezzini, Livia Vittori Antisari, Francesca Ventura and Federico Magnani
General track
MapboxGL + Protobuf + d3.js = liquid fast massively scalable interactive web map & data visualization! pag. 523
Ben Wyss
Microservices and Geo - yeah it's that good pag. 525
Steven Pousty
BruGIS, a webGIS for Brussels Urban Planning. Past, present and future pag. 527
Grégoire Vandenschrick and Laurence Micha
QGIS Server Python Plugins pag. 529
Alessandro Pasotti
GIS.lab - news from development of technology for rapid deployment of complete geospatial infrastructure with supercow features pag. 531
Ivan Minčík
Let's get parallel pag. 533
Graeme Bell
What happens when you put 1 billion points into Postgis Topology? pag. 535
Lars Aksel Opsahl
Ice: lightweight, efficient rendering for remote sensing images pag. 537
Julien Michel and Gabriele Facciolo
Web services at the State Office for Spatial Information and Land Development, Baden-Württemberg, Germany pag. 539
Alexander Schmidt and Andreas Schmidt
S2P: a new open-source stereo pipeline for satellite images pag. 541
Julien Michel, Carlo De Franchis, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis and Gabriele Facciolo
Spatial tools for LiDAR based watershed management and forestry analysis pag. 543
Silvia Franceschi, Andrea Antonello, Giustino Tonon and Francesco Comiti
Use of indexes on geospatial database with the PostgreSQL DBMS pag. 545
Giuseppe Broccolo
GDAL 2.0 overview pag. 547
Even Rouault
Classifier to map the burned areas in the Canary Islands with MODIS data pag. 549
Jose R. Garcia-Lazaro, Jose A. Moreno-Ruiz, Manuel Arbelo, Pedro A. Hernandez-Leal and Alfonso Alonso-Benito
Earning Your Support Instead of Buying it: A How-to Guide to Open Source Assistance pag. 551
Ian Turton
Mapping Mangroves and Coastal Wetlands pag. 553
Christopher Dubia, Kent Lewis and Andy Long
An Overview of OpenSensorHub for Sensor Webs and IoT pag. 555
Mike Botts and Alex Robin
Using Free and Open Source Solutions in Geospatial Science Education pag. 557
Vaclav Petras, Anna Petrasova, Keren Cepero Perez, Markus Neteler, Luca Delucchi, Martin Landa and Helena Mitasova
Processing, serving and rendering huge point clouds on Mobile devices and Web pages pag. 559
Manuel de La Calle Alonso and Diego Gómez-Deck
Shortest Path search in your Database and more with pgRouting pag. 563
Daniel Kastl
How Open Source and INSPIRE can be used as a tactical weapon for economical growth in Europe pag. 565
Dirk Frigne, Torsten Friebe and Giacomo Martirano
Sunlumo - open source spatial data management platform pag. 567
Dražen Odobašić
Implementing INSPIRE with HALE pag. 569
Simon Templer and Thorsten Reitz
Push it through the wire! pag. 571
Jachym Cepicky
School on the Cloud - implementing Cloud-based FOSS4G technologies in education to support digital citizenship development pag. 573
Elzbieta Woloszynska-Wisniewska, Panos Papoutsis, Karl Donert, Luc Zwartjes, Kostis Koutsopoulos and Sofie De Cupere
Flow analysis using sUAS and lidar data pag. 575
Helena Mitasova, Justyna Jeziorska, Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras and Thomas Zajkowski
3D virtual representation of drones' flights through Cesium.js and Oculus Rift pag. 577
Matteo Di Paolantonio, César González, Manuel José Latorre and Félix Pedrera
GeoGigTools: OpenLayers plugin for versioned geodata pag. 579
Francesco Bartoli
mapmap.js: A High-Level Client-Side API for Interactive Thematic Maps pag. 581
Florian Ledermann
Satellite Snow Cover Products Evaluation and Validation Platform Developed Entirely with FLOSS Software pag. 583
Vasile Crăciunescu, Anișoara Irimescu, Gheorghe Stăncălie and Simona Catană
LiDAR data as a tool for forest fuel classification pag. 585
Alfonso Alonso-Benito, Alejandro Lorenzo-Gil, Manuel Arbelo, Pedro A. Hernandez-Leal, Jose R. Garcia-Lazaro and Jose A. Moreno-Ruiz
Integrating FOSS4G into an enterprise system for labour management pag. 587
Daniel Urdă and Florin Iosub
Sensor Widgets: Configurable graphical components for your SOS data pag. 589
Oscar Fonts and Martí Pericay
How to get your entire university excited about (open) spatial data and tools:The untold story of a tiny geo-technology startup at the University of Groningen pag. 591
Leon van der Meulen and Govert Schoof
Mapbender3 Geoportal Framework pag. 593
Astrid Emde
QGIS Graphical Modeler on topographic beach surveys pag. 595
Lucas Terres de Lima, Cristina Bernardes and Paulo Baptista
Sharing software for INSPIRE implementation, use and reuse pag. 597
Robin S. Smith, Michael Lutz and Leda Bargiotti
ERSAF's audiovisual heritage of historical land use data for EXPO 2015 pag. 599
Marco Cicala, Franco Guzzetti, Marco Stevan and Paolo Viskanic
Advanced Cartographic Rendering in GeoServer pag. 605
Andrea Aime and Simone Giannecchini
Managing MetOc and Remote Sensing data with GeoServer pag. 607
Simone Giannecchini and Andrea Aime
Managing Web GIS maps using the Geomajas Deskmanager pag. 609
Oliver May
Management and publication of geospatial public data using GFOSS: the case study of Vicenza municipality pag. 611
Roberto Marzocchi, Roberta Fagandini, Lorenzo Beggiato, Eugenio Berti, Rosario Ardini, Marcello Missagia and Tiziano Cosso
Publication of wind and wave monitoring and forecasting geospatial data using GFOSS: the "Wind, Ports, and Sea" project pag. 613
Roberta Fagandini, Roberto Marzocchi, Tiziano Cosso, Massimiliano Burlando, Patrizia De Gaetano, Marina Pizzo, Maria Pia Repetto and Giovanni Solari
DATE OSSIM PlugIn: a new open source tool for digital automatic terrain extraction pag. 615
Martina Di Rita, Andrea Nascetti and Mattia Crespi
The OpenQuake Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit pag. 617
Paolo Tormene
IMPACT: Portable GIS Tool for Image Processing and Land Cover Mapping pag. 619
Dario Simonetti
An open source framework for processing daily satellite images (AVHRR) over last 28 years pag. 621
Sajid Pareeth, Luca Delucchi, Markus Metz, Nico Salmaso and Markus Neteler
ODK for public transport pag. 623
Laura Carcano, Barbara Li Gregni and Annarita Polacchini
Distribution of OSGeo software in the INSPIRE ecosystem pag. 625
Friebe Torsten, Goerke Sebastian
deegree webservices - essential open source for INSPIRE pag. 627
Goerke Sebastian, Friebe Torsten
Raster Data in Django pag. 629
Daniel Wiesmann and Michael Flaxman
istSOS: latest developments and first steps into the OSGeo incubation process pag. 631
Massimiliano Cannata, Milan P. Antonovic, Mirko Cardoso and Priska Pietra
Debian and Ubuntu GIS pag. 633
Johan Van de Wauw
OpenQuake: an Open Platform for Earthquake Risk Awareness and Assessment pag. 635
Paul Henshaw
QGIS Support for Map Projection Distortions Visualization pag. 637
Dra?en Tuti?
Intelligent SDIs with MapMint 2.0 pag. 639
Nicolas Bozon, Gérald Fenoy and Venkatesh Raghavan
From mobile weather sensors to open weather data communities pag. 641
Julien Le Glaunec, Jérome Freyre, Daniel Rappo and Olivier Ertz
Managing the Flemish Functional Cycle Network: a FOSS4G solution pag. 643
Karel Dieussaert and Jan Pelckmans
OL3-Cesium: 3D for OpenLayers maps pag. 647
Guillaume Beraudo
What is this new Rust language and why should a GIS developer care about it? pag. 649
Alex Morega
Fire and ice - 3d visualisation of seismic activity during the 2014-2015 Bárðarbunga volcanic eruption pag. 651
Tryggvi Hjörvar
3D Application for Animal Tracking pag. 653
Joan Sala and Laia Romero
Landslide risk forecasting based on Unique Conditions Units pag. 655
Marco Cibrario, Andrea Giuseppe Stralla, Valentina Marin, Paola Salmona and Gerardo Brancucci
MAppERS for crowdsourcing. Citizens and volounteers as human sensors pag. 657
Simone Frigerio
Collecting and Processing Land Surveyors' Sensor Data pag. 659
Zoltan Siki
vOL3 - OpenLayers 3 for Vaadin 7 pag. 661
Martin Stypinski
New QGIS functionality for Pros pag. 663
Sandro Mani
A RESTful API for linking geodata pag. 665
Francesco Bartoli
Fast Cache, Fresh data. Can we have it all? pag. 667
Thomas Ellett von Brasch
Development of Environmental Impact Assessment Tools Using Mobile Devices for Location-Based Services pag. 669
Seungwoo Son and Jeongho Yoon
Detection of potential updates of authoritative spatial databases by fusion of Volunteered Geographical Information from different sources pag. 671
Stefan Ivanovic, Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, Sébastien Mustière and Thomas Devogele
pycsw project status report pag. 673
Angelos Tzotsos, Tom Kralidis and Jeff McKenna
Project-Based Learning Using FOSS4G for a Global Earthquake Forecast System pag. 675
Ron Fortunato and Levi Purdy
NASA World Wind Visualization Technology for Spatial Data pag. 677
Patrick Hogan, Tom Gaskins and David Collins
ZOO-Project 1.5.0: news about the Open WPS Platform pag. 679
Gérald Fenoy, Nicolas Bozon and Venkatesh Raghavan
GeoSmartCity: Open geo-data for innovative services and user applications towards Smart Cities pag. 681
Lluís Vicens, Josep Sitjar, Gemma Boix, Piergiorgio Cipriano and Roderic Molina
SHOGun as WPS-Client: Orchestrating Geodata-Services, Users and Geo-Applications pag. 683
Till Adams
Geo-SEE Institute activities for using FOSS through the Quantum GIS training courses pag. 685
Bashkim Idrizi and Radife Neziri
Assessing social vulnerability to earthquake hazard: from statistical to spatial analysis pag. 687
Ivan Frigerio, Daniele Strigaro, Matteo Mattavelli, Silvia Mugnano and Mattia De Amicis
WebGL technology for three-dimensional geological data visualization using three.js JavaScript library pag. 689
Cesare Comina, Andrea Filipello, Giuseppe Mandrone, Luciano Masciocco and Daniele Strigaro
Improving public health delivery in northern Nigeria using open source technologies pag. 691
Dami Sonoiki and Kazeem Owolabi
PyWPS 4 - The new Python implementation of the Web Processing Standard 1.0 and 2.0 pag. 693
Luís de Sousa, Calin Ciociu and Ulrich Leopold
Smart City Platform - An OGC based decision support platform for Smart City Planning to stimulate Open Data in Urban areas pag. 695
Matteo De Stefano, Luís de Sousa, Ulrich Leopold, Christian Braun and Rui Martins
Real-time projection visualisation with Indicatrix Mapper QGIS Plugin pag. 697
Ervin Wirth and Péter Kun
MapServer Project Status Report pag. 701
Thomas Bonfort and Stephan Meißl Qfield - A native user interface for mobile touch devices pag. 703
Marco Bernasocchi and Matthias Kuhn
Geographic information for the management of flood risk insurance pag. 705
Franco Guzzetti, Alice Pasquinelli, Paolo Viskanic
Vector tiles for the Swiss Federal Geoportal pag. 717
Ingensand Jens, Marion Nappez, Cédric Moullet, Loïc Gasser, Sarah Composto
A GIS tool for reduction day precipitation to subday pag. 725
Martin Landa, Petr Kavka

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