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Maria Antonia Brovelli

This number of Geomatics Workbooks contains the "First Italian GRASS users meeting" proceedings. GRASS (see the introduction by Markus Neteler) is an open source and free available geographic information system used in different research fields. In addition it is completely (or quite completely) written in standard C and this characteristic makes it easi to implement new GIS functionalities in it.
The "First Italian GRASS users meeting" took place in Como at the end of January; the participation at the meeting was significant (globally about 80 people) and this was impressive also to the organizers; the scientific level of the presentations was very good. The most important fact is that the meeting built a kind of bridge connecting people coming from different research environments. The papers presented in this review demonstrate in fact the variety of subjects for which GRASS is usefully employed. Therefore the review presents the developments, the new tools and features added for different purposes in GRASS by the Italian research groups.

As not only the software should be open and free, I would like to dedicate this first number to Silvia Baraldini, because the Italian sky is no clearer than the US one as seen from the jail.

Laboratorio di Geomatica - via Valleggio, 11 - 22100 Como