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VigerGIS (VIrtual machine GEntoo Replace) is a virtual machine Gentoo-based linux distribution. VigerGIS contain many GIS softwares:
- GRASS 6.4.2
- GRASS 7svn_2012_07_24
- MapServer 6.0.3
- OpenLayers 2.12
- OpenJUMP 1.5.2
- QGIS 1.7.0
- PostgreSQL 9.1.4
- PostGIS 1.5.3
VigerGIS replaces the previous slaxGIS.

To use vigerGIS you have to install a visualization software. VigerGIS is developed using VirtualBox as virtual machine and the following instructions explain how to download and install the software.
However you can use any other visualization software that support the vmdk format as virtual hard disk.
Installation procedure
Download the vigerGIS virtual machine: vigerGIS-120725.vmdk.gz
Download and install a virtualization software, for example VirtualBox
Decompress the file vigerGIS-120725.vmdk.gz => vigerGIS-120725.vmdk
Create a new virtual machine (Create VM), follow the instructions, select "Use existing hard disk" and choosing vigerGIS-120725.vmdk as virtual hard disk.
Start the virtual machine (Running VM)

To login:
user => gis
password => viger

The virtual machine mounts a shared directory named "share" at the gis user home to permit data exchange between the host operative system and the virtual machine.
You have to define this shared directory using the virtual machine menu:
settings => shared folders => add share
Then, specify as folder name "share" and as folder path the path to your shared directory on the host machine
To change the keyboard layout:
right key on the flag => configure
Choose between the available layout or add the new one.

To restart PostgreSQL, Apache or other operations you have to use the sudo mode:
$ sudo apache2 restart
$ sudo postgresql-9.1 restart
$ sudo date
$ sudo emerge ...
O.S. Gentoo
Kernel Linux 3.3.8
KDE 4.8.3
Apache 2.2.22
PHP 5.3.14
GDAL 1.8.1
Proj 4.8.0
Made by
Marco Negretti
Politecnico di Milano, Campus Como
Laboratorio di Geomatica
slaxGIS-080805  (with OSGeoLab FOSS4GIS 2008 package)

Laboratorio di Geomatica - via Valleggio, 11 - 22100 Como