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Global Moho depth
Global Moho depth

This global Moho depth is estimated by using the GOCE global gravity model GO_CONS_GFC_2_SPW_R2. A simple two-layers model, with known density contrast, has been considered and a linearized relationship between the spherical harmonic coefficients of the anomalous potential and those of the Moho depth has been derived. In this way, a simple and straightforward formula can be established to get the spherical harmonic expansion of the Moho depth with respect to its mean depth estimated from CRUST 2.0.
In order to be as close as possible to the two layers model, reductions for the gravity signal related to topography/bathymetry have been applied. Furthermore, the impact of sediments, at global scale, has been evaluated and considered as negligible. The information on the sediments have been taken from the CRUST2.0 model.
The obtained global Moho is in substantial agreement with its main known features at low frequencies. Possible improvements with respect to previous models are mainly due to the homogeneous data used to get it. This estimate can be usefully applied to reduce the Moho gravity signal in local areas. In fact, by analyzing the residuals after regional signal reduction, high frequency details of the Moho can be derived and investigated by applying standard inversion methods.

M. Reguzzoni, D. Sampietro, F. SansÚ. Global Moho from the combination of the CRUST2.0 model and GOCE data. Submitted to Geophysical Journal International

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