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e@Lab! - Geodesy, Positioning and Navigation

GPS survey of the straight segment of Via Appia and computer reconstruction of the Roman centuriation grid
The GEMMA project (GOCE Exploitation for Moho Modeling and Applications), funded by the European Space Agency and Politecnico di Milano, aims at estimating the boundary between Earth's crust and mantle (the so called Mohorovicic discontinuity or Moho) from GOCE data in key regions of the world
An HTML5/WebGL application to visualize a digital representation of the geoid
(To correctly view the webpage you need to use a WebGL enabled browser with a supported graphics card)
The goal of the GOCE satellite is to estimate the Earth gravitational field, and therefore to determine the geoid, with unprecedented accuracy and spatial resolution. A research group of Laboratorio di Geomatica is involved in the GOCE project, implementing the so called space-wise approach on a computer cluster. The satellite was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome (Russia) on March 17, 2009
Como GNSS permanent station

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